Lunar new year holiday
We have a long holiday from Feb. 10 to Feb. 16. and will be back on Feb. 17th.    Happy New Year!
Chihan's year-end party is canceled
Chihan's year-end party on Jan. 27 is canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks for your support and help in the past year. Let us all be safe and healthy.
Add us on LINE
Now we got LINE service account! Scan the QR Code or click the lint "CHIHAN LINE Account"  to add our LINE service account and you will have us at your side. Ask the questions, solve your problem, get the news feed. CHIHAN at your service!
Chihan's Annual company party
Our annual company party is ended successfully. Thanks for everyone who is in it.
Symposium on Bio-Carbon&Regeneration of High Tech Fab Wastes
Our General Manager-Jacky Kao have been invited to be a lecturer on Symposium on Bio-Carbon and Regeneration of High Tech Fab Wastes   2019 by SEMI High-Tech Facility Committee of SEMICON TAIWAN. The topic is “The Design of High Performance Exhaust Gas Treatment System​”​ Content ​1. Outline-Traditional vs Innovative exhaust gas treatment technology. Airborne molecular contaminant control technology of MAU-Traditional wet film vs Innovative hydraulic thin film technology. VOC's micro-contamination control technology of cleaning room-Traditional chemical filter vs High concentration ratio Zeolite honeyrotor system. High boiling point VOCs control technology-Traditional condenser vs Innovative deep filtration filter. Wet scrubber system control technology-Traditional dump packing vs Innovative structure packing and mist eliminator. VOCs zeolite rotor system-Traditional zeolite rotor+RTO vs high concentration ratio zeolite honeyrotor+CTO. Halogen-containing VOCs control technology-Traditional activated carbon adsorption tower vs VOCs fluidized bed concentrator+Recuperative thermal oxidizer system(including mineralized catalyst-like halogen-containing VOCs) Acid fume collection system-Traditional wet scrubber vs Venturi-like+deep filtration filter.